Freitag, 30. Oktober 2015

JAWS (Spielberg, 1975): Widescreen framing

There are so many storytelling lessons to be learned from JAWS that it will probably pop up on this blog every now and then. Despite its subject matter, I would recommend it as essential viewing if only for Bill Butler's brilliant Panavision widescreen compositions. Like most of Spielberg's classics, there are always frames within frames that separate and unite characters and actions within the same long shot. Most of the time the cinemascope frame is cut in half, sometimes even by "split focus diopter" shots à la De Palma.

JAWS hält soviele Storytelling-Lektionen bereit, dass der Film wohl immer mal wieder hier auftauchen wird. Unabhängig vom Inhalt muss man JAWS unbedingt gesehen haben, und sei es nur wegen Bill Butlers grossartigen Panavision Breitwandkompositionen. Wie in den meisten grossen Spielbergfilmen ist das Bild meist in untergeordnete Kader unterteilt, die Figuren und Handlungen innerhalb der gleichen Totale trennen oder verbinden. Meistens is das Cinemascope-Bild halbiert, manchmal gar mit "Split Focus Diopter" Einstellungen im Stil von Brian De Palma.


I especially like the frame around the coroner (dark grey suit) who changed his mind about the first shark attack and thus gets Brody (Roy Scheider) in trouble. Although he went further away from Brody and the mayor, he still stands in between the two antagonists.

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