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"The films that I constantly revisited or saw repeatedly held up longer for me over the years not because of plot but because of character and a very different approach to story."
Martin Scorsese (Dinner for Five S03E16)

Reading about film may provide us with the necessary skills for film analysis. Profound understanding, however, is only acquired by individually investigating films and film makers.

Opening up for in-depth analysis 
On the one hand, there are those films we can relate to and towards which we gravitate during different stages of life and under different points of view. Digging into one single work of art one can gain as much insight and reflection about construction and effect of film in general as about that particular object.

On the other hand, the best in-depth study is worthless without relating it to the proper context. Specific characteristics of a film or film maker often surface only in comparison to other oeuvres. In addition to socio-historical context esthetic, dramatic and psychological background is key to comprehend films. Anyone who ever followed a retrospective will surely know that failed or even bad movies become interesting if seen in the right context.

Online resource for film scholars
Whether I watch a film for entertainment purposes or in the course of an analysis I always notice some aspect or phenomenon which does not fit into my research criteria or temporal resources. I plan to store such potential raw material in this FILM STUDIES RESOURCES blog openly for later analysis. Thus, FILM STUDIES RESOURCES is no canonical listing of "good" movies but a non representative online resource for film enthusiasts who want to look at a film from a specific angle or who are just interested to find out what might be interesting to look out for during a film. I tend to focus on aspects which are often overlooked upon first viewing or which only become evident in comparison to other movies.

How to use it
In order to simplify the process of finding what you look for all the posts are structured as follows: post titles are always "movie title: specific aspect" (the same film can have multiple entries). Each post is at least labelled under a film maker's name and a top-level label (in capitals). Usually there are more detailing labels as well. 

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